What is Soapbark extract?

Soap-bark extract comes from a friendly tree native to southern Chile. It is known for its fantastic properties, scientifically called Quillaja Saponaria Molina, known as Quillay, which comes from the Mapuche word qüllay, which in turn comes from the word "cúllcan", which means to wash.
Its traditional primary use has been as soap to wash clothes, hair, and teeth by occupying the bark crushed and soaked in water. In Chilean traditional medicine is used to treat various health problems, such as cough, bronchitis, skin diseases, and hair loss.

How is Soapbark a Saponin?

Quillay is rich in saponins, the active compound in quillay, a molecule capable of foaming in aqueous solution and permeating the cell membranes of pests or the cell walls of vegetables, transforming it into a natural soap.

What are Soapbark uses?

Soapbark has multiple uses, serves as a detergent, soap, beverage foamer, photographic film aggregate, and it is also used in the industries of agriculture, agrochemistry, food, and copper mining. Many current vaccines contain saponin; In this case, the natural product acts as an alarm signal amplifier to gestate the immune response.

How can I identify the Soapbark tree?

Quillay is a tree with rounded leaves that remain bright green throughout the year. Its flowers and fruits have a characteristic star-shaped shape with five rounded tips. Its trunk is almost cylindrical and commonly branches with great leafiness, reaching a height of 15 to 20 meters, and grows naturally in the mountains.

What is the process to make Soapbark extract?

To produce Soapbark extract, one prunes the tree branches, so their bark gets cut into chips or ground. Then they leave them to soak in hot water and bottled in large barrels, which are then repackaged in small bottles to produce the quillay extract.


Which CleanClean products contain Soapbark extract?

all our products:

  • Concentrated multipurpose cleaners
  • concentrated floor cleaners,
  • concentrated glass cleaners,
  • Soapbark skin & body cleanser 
  • Soapbark Restorative Hair Wash


Is it safe to use Soapbark extract?

You can use the products with Soapbark extract with total confidence since they have FDA certification for food consumption and have vegan certification. CleanClean products are safe for kids and safe for pets.