CleanClean - Zero-Waste - Sustainable Packaging for Home Cleaners

 Our Waste-Free Way

Finding ways to reduce our impact is kind of our obsession. Our main cleaning ingredient is Soapbark, used for generations by indigenous people as an effective and sustainably harvested cleaning aid. We also use 5x concentrated formulas in glass vials, so there’s no water waste in our manufacturing process. Our recyclable spray bottles are made from plastic to keep child and pet safety in mind, but we’ve made sure it’s the most recyclable and reusable plastic out there. We also use eco-friendly, unbleached cardboard packaging. Moral of the story, we cut household cleaning product waste by 90%.

1. Waste-Free packaging

  • Our odor removers: Our bottle delivery system uses 99% if the product right up until there is no spray left, eliminating waste.
  • Our concentrated cleaners: We provide you with the formula for making cleaning products without using water. Our bottles are 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and our concentrate are glass. Therefore we help reduce the use of plastic in home cleaners, skin and hair products by 90%. Our vision is to get to zero-waste and zero carbon footprint. 

2. Recyclable packaging

  • Plastic packaging: Our packaging is made of PET. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a synthetic resin that's a form of polyester. It is recyclable number 1. The easiest to recycle plastic.
  • Soapbark Packaging: Our Soapbark Extract comes in recyclable glass bottles to minimize the use of plastic.

3. Powered by Air

What could be more natural than a system powered by pure, clean air? The delivery system of our odor removers doesn't use chemical propellants or harmful gases. It pushes in a consistent spray that is powered by the pressure of air.

4. Shipping: We Ship Carbon Neutral!