natural chemical-free recipes for soapbark face cleaners and soapbark body cleansers and washes including soapbark face cleanser, soapbark body cleanser, soapbark hand soap cleanclean

E-Book DIY Natural Face And Body Cleansers With Soapbark Extract

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Your body is unique, and you must take care of it, to feel healthy and happy with yourself. We created these recipes, so you and your family have a natural chemical-free alternative for your personal care. Soapbark is lovely for any skin and age,  effective and gentle.  Soapbark extract is a natural soap extract that comes from the Chilean Soapbark Tree Quillaja Saponaria. Our extract is Non-GMO, GF, and vegan.

The medical and cosmetic industries use it for his amazing qualities. Soapbark is a naturally antibacterial concentrated cleanser that cleans and degreases without drying your skin. Native people in the south of Chile have been using it for centuries to cleanse their bodies and hair.

Soapbark is part of medical products to treat skin irritations. It is an excellent cleansing alternative for skin that suffers from Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, bug bites, or other mild irritations.