Soapbark Quillaja Saponaria natural extract for multipurpose cleaner concentrate cleancleanme
Soapbark or Quillaja saponaria is a saponin for multipurpose cleaning for kitchen, bathrooms. floors, fabrics, soapbark is all natural multipurpose cleaner concentrated and fragrance free
Soapbark Extract Household Cleaner Concentrated
Quillja saponaria or soapbark flower from the quillaja tree
Quillaja saponaria or soapbark extract used as cleaner and cleanser

Soapbark Extract Household Cleaner Concentrated

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Makes 6 bottles of 16 OZ, Super Concentrated.

Soapbark, or Quillaja Saponaria, is a natural antibacterial soap extract derived from the Chilean Quillaja Tree. Indigenous people have been using it for centuries as a multipurpose cleaner for windows, bathrooms, floors, and kitchen surfaces. 

Soapbark is an all-natural super-concentrated extract great as a
Natural all-purpose cleaner,  floor cleaner, wood floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner. It's also great as a natural stone cleaner, and kitchen cleaner.

Unscented, Non-GMO, GF, Vegan.

Use: 16 OZ of water + 1 tsp= spray bottle of cleaner. Add water first. 

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