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Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner, Unscented
Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner, Unscented

Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner, Unscented

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CleanClean Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner makes 5 spray bottles of 16 oz cleaners. This small but powerful bottle is all you need to get rid of tough and not so tough soil and stains. Maintain a shiny and healthy home without using any harsh chemicals.

Suitable for all surfaces of your home, including kitchen, bathroom, stone, wood, glass, stainless steel, and floors. It degreases even cooktops. Use it everywhere, really! 

Our natural and concentrated multi-surface cleaner contains soapbark extract. That's a 100% natural soap extract derived from the Quillaja Saponaria tree. Soapbark is a saponin that cleans and gently degreases without drying your skin or damaging surfaces. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

  • Unscented: Our all-purpose cleaner has no added fragrance. Please note that you may smell a hint of Soapbark Extract when you open the concentrated bottle. It will go away after you mix it with water. 
  • 100% vegan: All Plant-derived ingredients with no preservatives added.
  • Naturally antibacterial: It contains Soapbark Extract and organic Ethanol, both containing natural antibacterial properties.
  • Eco-Friendly: This product reduces the use of plastic by 90% in his life cycle. It also saves space, water, and money.
  • No harsh chemicals: safe for kids and pets.

Ingredients: Water, Soapbark Extract, Decyl Glucoside (coconut derived), Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (vegetable derived), natural extracts (Mandarin, Lavander, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amyris, Basil, and Bergamot oils), Ethanol (vegetable derived).