Demonstration of how Soapbark extract naturally cleans the oven

Hello! It's me again!! this time I wan to tell you about my cooking lunch adventure. This time, I made a lasagna for lunch, and half fell on the oven door because I was in a hurry, oops!!! All the sauce and cheese got stuck on the hot oven door (after making the other half of the lasagna). I took two tablespoons of Soapbark extract, left it for a couple of minutes, and scrubbed it with the same sponge I use for the dishes. After that, I dried it with a paper towel and viola !!! 

It looks so good as if nothing had happened. No harsh chemicals, no fumes that you feel will intoxicate you when cleaning the oven.

I use soapbark extract because I have a curious and restless 16 months old boy that I don't want near toxic chemicals. Try it!!!!

Sally Shats

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