Why we use Soapbark for pet grooming?

pet dry grooming shampoo with soapbark that's for sensitive skin and coat



Groomers will rightly tell you not to bathe your dog more than once a month because they need their coat's natural oils, and it dries their skin. Dog coat can easily dry, causing itchiness that could lead to irritation and sores from constant scratching.

CleanClean found a solution to that by adapting Soapbark natural extract to a dry grooming shampoo that cleanses dogs' coats without drying their skin or stripping their natural oils.

Sopabark is a natural ingredient used in the cosmetic industry in shampoos and cleansers to cleanse without irritating the skin. It is used in soaps and shampoos to soothe dermatitis, acne, sores, and other skin irritations.

We believe that our pets deserve the same treatment we do; therefore, we use the best ingredients to keep then clean and healthy. We adapted Soapbark in our pet products to take advantage of his gentleness, and we use probiotic enzymes that eliminate smells.

Use CleanClean's dry grooming shampoo as needed. No need to go through the hassle of bathing your dog and getting everything wet and stinky. CleanClean's Soapbark dry grooming shampoo will keep your dog and cat consistently clean and non-smelling without causing skin irritation or dryness.

Use once a week, and keep your pet's coat healthy and fresh while keeping your home clean and airy.

Amelia Glickman 

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