Why Use Vegan Cleaners?

Vegan cleaners are beneficial to more than just your household and your loved ones, as they are one of the healthiest and most sustainable cleaning methods. Let’s talk about a few of the main reasons why you should use vegan cleaners and make the switch to them if you haven’t already! 

The importance of life

Many generic cleaners can be harmful to animals in more than one way, whether with testing or the effect of the product residue on ocean life. With vegan cleaners, zero creatures are harmed during the manufacturing, testing, using, and disposing of them, ensuring the safety of animals and all creatures involved in the process.  

Vegan Cleaners are Environment Friendly 

Vegan cleaners are plant-based, making them sustainable without stripping the earth or harming it, while also biodegrading in nature when disposed of, eliminating any risks of polluting oceans or soil. Using our concentrated vegan cleaners, you can save up to 90% of plastic on house cleaners, minimizing your waste and ensuring the safety of the environment. 

Your Household and Indoors 

You can clean houses, clubs, gyms, and schools without any worries about fumes or residues compromising any of your surfaces or anyone’s health. Our vegan cleaners are non-toxic, making them safe for the public. 

Pets and children

CleanClean’s Vegan household cleaners contain no harsh chemicals, making them safer around pets and children, ensuring the safety of every creature in your household or establishment.

Allergies and health

We make our natural cleaners in the USA using FDA approved food-grade ingredients. Vegan household cleaners do not trigger most allergies and leave no toxic fumes or residues, guaranteeing your safety.

Make the switch to vegan cleaning for a cleaner conscience and a greener planet!


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