Why are Unscented and Fragrance-Free Products the Safest Choice?

clean clean me creates fragrance-free and unscented natural skincare, haircare and cleaning products with soapbark extract


Fragrance can cause sensitivity in people for different reasons. 98% of perfumes in the market are synthetic. Chemicals found in human-made fragrances include phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors, and benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and toluene.

They can cause headaches, rashes, or worse. Therefore, many people have strong reactions to the fragrances in cleaners, perfumes, and personal care products.

CleanClean uses natural fragrances, but they are not a solution for all. Natural perfumes are made by harvesting the essence of plants' oils. The process creates a high concentration of all the plant characteristics, not just their aroma, and in high dosages can cause harm and allergic reactions.

For example, Lavender: has a beautiful aroma and helps relaxing, but it's also antibacterial and antiviral. Therefore we use it as a component of our naturally aromatic products. However, if you are sensitive to any part of the plant, you may want to use one of our unscented skincare or cleaning products instead.

why so many product have fragrance cleanclean me fragrance-free and unscented soapbark quillay products


So Why Do So Many Products Contain Fragrance?

The answer is simple: people like their natural skincare, haircare, and homes to smell nice. Cosmetic and cleaning companies understand the power of creating a pleasantly aromatic product, but natural fragrances are expensive, so they use mostly human-made aromas.

Another reason fragrances make their way into our personal care, and cleaning products is because some ingredients don't smell very good. Even if the product is natural, it may have smells that are not conventionally "good-smelling" like in mainstream commercial products. Companies add conventionally pleasant aromas to masks those smells.

Let's leave synthetic fragrances aside, we all know that we should avoid them. However, if you are sensitive to specific plants, there is a good chance you would be vulnerable to their natural extracts and essential oils.

CleanClean products are unscented or fragrance-free for those who want to avoid aromas or are sensitive to some natural fragrances or essential oils. We use ingredients that don't smell or have minimal smells, especially after diluting, since our natural skincare, haircare, and home cleaning products are highly concentrated.


Amelia Glickman 

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