How are Cleanclean cleaners safe for children?

CleanClean Cleaners are safe for kids with natural ingredients and fda approved ingredients


CleanClean cleaning products are safe for kids. Our cleaners are 100% natural, made with natural ingredients for the personal care industry, or with FDA approved ingredients for the food industry. Our detergents are designed so kids can participate safely doing chores around the house.

CleanClean cleaners create an opportunity for kids to learn how to clean by themselves and how to collaborate around the house from a very young age. It teaches them independence and discipline, boosting their self-esteem and sensory development.

cleanclean window cleaner is safe for kids to use

Those having small children at home worry about having their kids touching surfaces just cleaned or keep them apart from cleaning products; therefore, kids are far from cleaning duties. CleanClean is a safe option to use since our detergents don't contain harsh chemicals. They do not contain chlorine, ammonia, denatured alcohol, or anything that could seriously threaten their health.

CleanClean natural cleaners contain water, Soapbark tree, probiotic yeast (the same used to make bread), coconut-derived amino acids, essential oils (in little quantities), vegetable alcohol (the same used in drinks). Our ingredients won't be harmful to their skin. So, kids now can participate in cleaning duties and use our products confidently under adult supervision.

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