Miraculous Soapbark

Sometimes the simplest most natural is best.

Many times we find ourselves choosing sophisticated detergents with specific characteristics. Our pantry is full of cleaners for different uses, spending unnecessary money, and introducing harmful chemicals that damage our skin and the environment. 
Today I am introducing you to a natural detergent that's pure tree extract. Cleans everything! Without harming your family or the ecosystem.
Quillaja Saponaria, or Soapbark extract, comes from the soap tree Quillaja. For hundreds of years, Mapuche Indians, from Chile, have been using it both for personal hygiene and for cleaning their homes. 
Traditionally they produce the extract by harvesting and grinding the bark of the tree, soaking and boiling it to create a cleaning solution. Today we know that nobody has time for it, so it is ready to arrive and use in concentrate.
Add a few drops and clean whatever you want.

Recommended Uses:

1. Quillaja Soapbark for Hair

You can use it to wash your hair, which will remain with an unbelievable and untangled shine, you will not need a conditioner and helps to maintain colored hair for longer. Quillaja does not generate foam like traditional shampoos, but it is cleaning and strengthening your scalp. It is especially useful to prevent hair loss.

2. Quillaja Soapbark for Face and Body

You can also wash and moisturize your face and body. Since it is gentle on the skin is recommended to people with skin irritations like Eczema Acne, Psoriasis, and bug bites. Indigenous people use it to clean wounds for its antibacterial properties. 

3. Quillaja Soapbark for Home Cleaning 

You can clean your kitchen, degrease the oven, mop the floor, clean the counters. It serves to clean the bathrooms and eliminate fungi and bacteria.
Soapbark is FDA approved, and food factories use it as a foaming agent for beverages. 
It is economical, since it's super concentrated, with just one bottle you can create a whole range of cleansers and soaps. 

Sally Shats


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