Soapbark for Helping Reduce Hair Loss

soap bark prevents scalp build up


Many hair products can leave our hair feeling silky and shiny, but with regular use, they can pile up on your scalp and eventually cause hair loss. Today, we can talk about how you can use CleanClean's Soapbark extract to help you achieve luscious locks while maintaining your scalp's health.


What Is Scalp Buildup?

Scalp buildup happens when substances and residues accumulate on the scalp's surface, giving an uncomfortable feeling and causing stress to the hair follicle. There are to types of scalp buildup:

  • Natural buildup, which is from dead skin cells, sweat, and oils. 
  • Product buildup, which is the result of product residues.


Scalp buildup can be confused with dandruff, which is the flaking of dead skin, and can be more difficult to notice; buildup is unhealthy for your scalp and may lead to hair loss if not prevented.


How does scalp buildup affect my hair? 

Many generic hair products have waxy substances and silicones to give the hair a more slick feel. These substances leave a residue that will collect on your scalp, clogging, and causing stress on the hair follicles. Eventually, it leads to Folliculitis and hair loss.


How can I prevent Scalp Buildup by using Soapbark Extract?

Regularly and thoroughly washing your hair and scalp can help prevent scalp buildup from accumulating and causing stress to your hair follicles, allowing your scalp to breathe and feel lighter. Our CleanClean Soapbark extract acts as a gentle surfactant to help remove scalp buildup without compromising your scalp's health or stripping away its natural oils. Thanks to its natural cleaning properties, it leaves your hair and scalp cleaner and healthier without waxy residue. Because our Soap Bark is a 100% natural extract, it is versatile. You can use it alone diluted in water as a gentle hair wash, or you can add Soapbark extract to your shampoo to enrich it and help deliver a more thorough wash to your hair and scalp. Al depends on what gives you the best results. 


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