Soapbark as part of a new vaccine for Covid-19



Last week we learned that Novavax, a US-Swedish company, is using Soapbark as one of the components in their formula for their new vaccine for Covid-19. The company received almost 388 million dollars from the Coalition for the Preparation and Innovation for Epidemics (CEPI) to develop the new vaccine.

Sopabark is part of cosmetic products such as shampoo and soaps for sensitive skin. The tree contains different types of saponin and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. See the video to learn about Soapbark. 

For years, this tree has been the subject of study due to saponins, soap-like substances (foams) that have been key in the vaccine industry. Soapbark Saponins are adjuvants or enhancers of vaccines.

Novavax uses in its candidate vaccine against the coronavirus third generation of vaccine enhancers, called Matrix-M.

They announced last week that the company would study 130 healthy people ages 18-60 in Australia to assess the safety and the immune response they generate. The first results will be ready in July.


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