Reasons Why You Should Go Chemical-Free with Your House Cleaners


why use house cleaners with no chemicals


There’s always a misconception that cleaning without abrasive cleaners can’t be just as effective as cleaning with all-natural cleaners. Chemical-free house cleaners can be just as good as any other! Here are a few reasons why it’s better to replace your house cleaners with more natural, harmless ones:


Using all-natural household cleaners guarantees to introduce fewer toxins to your house; so you can enjoy a healthy and safe environment. 

Less Waste

There are house cleaners that come concentrated, which means you can help reduce waste and plastic in manufacturing and packaging.

Children and Pets

Worrying about the risk of your household cleaners on your children and pets is over! Most all-natural cleaners have non-toxic ingredients, making it safer for children and pets to play around the house at any time of the day!

Allergies and fumes

With chemical-free house cleaners, you can clean and rest assured that you and your family and pets can breathe and interact in the house without inhaling any toxic fumes. Also, many all-natural house cleaners can trigger less allergies, making them much more friendly for households.

The environment

Chemical-Free house cleaners are more ethical in their making, keeping the planet in mind. The manufacturing of all-natural household cleaners is less wasteful and damaging to the environment. 

Now that you know how much better natural cleaners can be, let me tell you a little bit about our CleanClean household products!

  • Our CleanClean house cleaners can help you reduce as much as 90% plastic waste! 
  • CleanClean’s house cleaners are vegan, and non-toxic.
  • CleanClean’s products offer concentrated formulas, giving you total control over the effectiveness of your cleaner.
  • CleanClean’s natural household cleaners are human and pet friendly.

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