How to choose the most natural cleaning Products

how to choose the most natural household cleaning products with CleanCleanMe


Nowadays we see countless products labeling themselves as natural, eco-friendly, or any of them combined. But what does that actually mean? And can a product be more “natural” than the other?

We’re going to talk about the varying degrees of how a product can be natural, how to distinguish a completely natural product, and which kinds are best for your household and the planet.

What Does “Natural” Mean?

Vaguely defined; what usually comes to mind is that as opposed to “artificial”, “natural” means that all the ingredients were solely derived from nature, and not man-made or synthesized in a factory. According to Merriam Webster, the definition of the word “natural” is: existing in or produced by nature: not artificial. Supposedly, a cleaning product labeled as natural should indicate that the ingredients are safe, eco-friendly, and organic.

What Are The Requirements for A Cleaning Product To Be Labeled As “Natural”?

Although the term “natural” is closely regulated with food products, currently, there are barely any regulations on labeling a home cleaning product as “Natural”, this leaves consumers to depend on themselves to make sure that the cleaning product would be safe for their families and the planet. 

What Is The Ideal and Most Natural Household Cleaner?

The best natural household cleaner you could get your hands on would be:

  • Natural scent: Meaning there were no chemicals used in the fragrance of the cleaner. Some cleaners tend to use synthetic fragrances that can cause irritation and respiratory problems.
  • Plant-based: Plant-based products are derived from nature and they biodegrade back into nature, genuinely providing a safe experience to the household while reducing damage to the planet.
  • Eco-friendly: Some ingredients in house cleaners can cause harm to the environment when disposed of, like phthalates. Phthalates disrupt ocean creatures’ endocrine systems and have been found in over 70% of dolphins in Florida. So it’s best to keep the environment in mind when picking out your house cleaners.
  • Recyclable/ Waste-efficient: The packaging of the product also matters; if the world keeps consuming plastics with no consideration to the planet, by 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish. So it’s utterly important to try and reduce waste and packaging as much as possible.

How Can You Tell If A Cleaner Is Most Natural?

Here are a few ways that will help you distinguish whether or not a household cleaner is the most natural:

1. Check The Ingredients: Read the ingredients yourself, and see if any ingredients sound weird or abnormal, search for ingredients you don’t recognize. Avoid things that start with “petro-” or contain the words “phthalate”, “sulfate” or parabens.

2. Search for Third-Party Seals: Many organizations provide certifications after testing the product and making sure it meets all their requirements, this way you can truly make sure a product’s claims are true. Seals like USDA organic, Green Seal, Cruelty-Free, etc... Can indicate the specifications you are searching for.

3- Researching Through Applications, Websites, and Lists:

Many websites and applications help rate, specify, and review cleaning ingredients based on how natural and safe they are for your house and the planet. Some are in the FDA’s website ingredient lists, EcoPruner, and more! Search the name of any product and ingredient only and you’ll be able to find many websites and applications that can help you.

4- Search for specifications: Try to find cleaners that have the words “no” and/or “non”, such as no-synthetic fragrances, no GMOs, non-toxic, no phthalates in their labels. Also check for affirmative statements about any aspect of the product, such as “biodegradable”, “vegan”, “plant-based”, etc. 

5- Check The Packaging and Zero-Waste: Try to estimate how many usages you can get out of a product compared to its packaging, research the material the product is made of and its effect on the planet, and try to minimize your waste by picking the product that would yield you the most with the least waste. 

CleanClean household cleaners are the most natural choice for your family, pets, and the planet. 

We provide safe-yet-effective products to help you maintain your house with your health and the planet in mind. Our products hit the marks by being:

  • Non-toxic: Safe for your children and pets without containing common irritants.
  • Plant-based: Made using only plants and their derivatives.
  • Waste-Free: CleanClean helps you save as much as 90% in plastic compared to generic house cleaners. One bottle of our cleaning concentrate can make 5 bottles of a house cleaner.
  • Eco-friendly: All our ingredients are plat-based and biodegrade, keeping the environment as healthy as your house.
  • All-natural fragrance and ingredients: Made with absolutely zero synthetic material, making it safe to breathe for everyone in the house.

Our products are made with ingredients used in the food and cosmetics industry while being effective enough to keep your house clean and safe. You can visit our shop for more info or contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and/or ingredients. 

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