How to save with CleanClean concentrated cleaners?

savings of space, shipping, health and plastic with cleanclean concentrated cleaners


In today's new reality, it is necessary to save and minimize packaging, not just to help our environment, also to manage pantry space at home. We are buying more in bundles since we are buying more online and our access to essential during the pandemic is limited.

This is one of the reasons we created our concentrated cleaners. Our Multipurpose, Floor, and glass Cleaner make 5 bottles of ready to use cleaner each. We provide you with a superb cleaning formula concentrated, just add water.

What are the savings?


save space in your pantry with cleanclean concentrated cleaners


  • Space - CleanClean concentrated cleaners save space because the bottle is only 2 oz. We provide you with a spray bottle that will replace the 5 bottles of cleaners that you will get at the store.


cleanclean concentrated cleaners reduce plastic and waste

  • Shipping - To you, we ship our products for free and saves the environment from shipping a higher carbon footprint since we are not shipping over 90% water. 



cleanclean chemical free cleaners protect your valuables long run


  • Valuables - In the long term, your furniture and floors will benefit from non-abrasive and chemical cleaners.



  • Plastic - Using our concentrated cleaners saves the planet from 80% of the trash we produce by buying 5 bottles of regular detergents. 


cleanclean concentrated cleaners for a healthier and cleaner lifestyle


  • Health - We use ingredients that do the job but don't damage your skin. No need to use gloves and hand cream. No need to do manicures (unless you want to:)). Your hands will look as if you haven't been cleaning. Use our products confidently around your kids and pets because our products are non-toxic and safe for them.

Let's invest in our family, our home, and in our bigger home, the planet.

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