Reducing carbon footprint by buying concentrated cleaners

use concentrated cleaners for a zero waste lifestyle


The fact that home cleaners come diluted and ready to use, it is precisely, what creates most of their carbon footprint. Let me offer you an insight into what it means for the planet when you buy your regular supermarket cleaner and how you can easily help reduce that impact by buying concentrated home cleaners.

Concentrated cleaners reduce the use of water and shipping.

Believe it, about 95% of the cleaner you buy at the supermarket is water. The formula that does the cleaning is about 5%. It means wasting water during manufacturing and allowing factories to ship vast amounts of water to distributors, from the distributor to retail stores, and from there to your home. At CleanClean, we send you the formula, and you add the water. We figure we all have water coming out of the faucet, then why ship it. 

That’s how buying our concentrated cleaners reduces most of the carbon footprint of other cleaners. CleanClean home cleaners are from the east coast, and we ship directly to you. 

Concentrated cleaners reduce single-use plastic. 

Did you know? That the primary reason for the increasing demand for single plastic use is the growing need for single-use plastic packaging.  42% of single use plastic produced is for packaging. When you clean your home with CleanClean concentrated cleaners, you help reduce single-use packaging by 75%. 

On top of that, you will help reduce single-use plastic during manufacturing significantly since we don’t use plastic drums to store our cleaning solutions.

I hope this was useful information to help you achieve a zero-waste lifestyle and reduce our impact on planet earth. 

Amelia Glickman

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