How to Keep Detergents Out of The Reach of Toddlers CleanClean



We, moms with toddlers, know that we can't take our eyes off our kids; in a moment's carelessness, they can do any incredulous thing that keeps us wondering how they managed. Detergents are no exception. Therefore, we recommend leaving them more than 2 feet high, in a closed place that's hard to open or reach. The same thing with cleaning sponges, do not leave them within your child's reach because they could have detergent residues and harmful bacteria.


Another critical tip, never put detergents or cleaners in empty bottles of drinks since they could be confused and ingested as juice or soda. To further reduce the risks, we recommend using natural, non-toxic cleaning products so that you can feel a little safer and calmer about there safety (but always keeping the previous precautions).

We make our cleaning products and odor removers with natural ingredients that are popular in eco-friendly personal care products, so they are safe for your family. They contain essential oils, water, probiotics, soapbark extract, so if your child accidentally ingested them, it would not be as dangerous as if he swallowed detergents or cleaners with ammonia, sodium hydroxide, bleach or other substances.

Finally, we recommend having the toxicology service phone number handy for any emergency recorded on your cell phone.

Sally Shats

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