How to get rid of home pet smell?


Our pets are a fundamental part of our family and our life. Like with any other best friend we like to share with them and enjoy together the sofa, our favorite blanket or bed. However, it's hard to get rid of their strong smell. Follow the following steps and you will have a clean and fresh home free of pet smell. 

- Air out your home daily; it will help you reduce pet-related odors.


clean clean pet odor remover tips for having a home with no pet smell

- Vacuum floors, carpets, sofas, furniture, and your best friend's bed twice a week. It will help to eliminate hair, hidden soil, and smell.


remove pet smells from home tips cleanclean me

- After vacuuming, Apply CleanClean Pet odor remover on your sofas, carpets, dog bed, cat litterbox, and other wear. CleanClean Pet odor remover eliminates odors impregnated in your fabrics, with an active probiotic natural enzyme formula that bonds unwanted molecules of smell and eliminates pet odors without masking them or replacing them with overpowering fragrances.


clean clean me pet odor remover for home chemical free and natural

- Wash hard floors (wood, ceramics, and vinyl) with a cleaning solution and hot water. Our concentrated floor cleaner is a perfect choice. It is plant-based, chemical-free, safe for pets, and it's suitable for all floor types, including wood, stone, laminate, and ceramic.


clean clean how to clean a floor with pet smell

- Use a cover like an old sheet on any furniture that dogs are allowed on, and wash the cover weekly.


clean clean me tip how to keep you sofa fresh from pet smell

- Your furry friend's bed probably is the smelliest item in your entire home, wash it once a week and then spray CleanClean Pet Odor Eliminator. It will slow down the bacteria causing the smell.


clean clean pet odor remover to get rid of pet smell in beds


- Groom your best friend frequently.  Therefore a dry shampoo is a good option since it's effective, bath free, and saves you from going to the groomer. CleanClean pet grooming dry shampoo (dog or cat) is 100% natural and based on Soapbark extract because it's especially gentle on their coat and skin, so you can dry shampoo them once a week.  Our Pet Grooming dry shampoo has probiotic enzyme and safe essential oils that will leave your pooch's coat fresh from odors.


cat  and dog dry shampoo with soapbark cleanclean


You can have and keep your home fresh and clean without using chemicals or strong synthetic smells. 

Try it and let us know what works for you. 

Sally Shats 

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