How may cleaners be affecting your health? 

how chemical household cleaners harm your health



Cleaning your house seems like it should be an ordinary healthy chore that everybody does, but little do we know how household cleaners may be compromising our health (and our planet) in different ways. Here are a few reasons why you should rethink which household cleaners to use.

Commercial Household Cleaners Toxicity

Most household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can seriously harm you. For example, Sodium Hydroxide, found in oven cleaners, can cause severe burns to the skin and eyes. Strong household cleaners can affect you with no contact and from a distance. With regular use, Ammonia can cause chronic bronchitis and asthma. And lye can cause a sore throat and more severe complications with regular use.

Commercial Household Cleaners Contribution to Allergies

Most commercial household cleaners contain harsh chemicals like: Ammonia, Bleach, and Triclosan, which are known allergens and can make your allergies worse.

These chemicals sabotage our healthy lifestyle, but also many chemical-based house cleaning products can harm the environment when disposed of. 

Oro Mahjoob

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