Gentle, natural cleaning: tips, hacks, and healthy home cleaners.

Gentle, natural cleaning: tips, hacks, and healthy home cleaners.


“Go easy on yourself” could easily become our daily mantra. With an increase in the amount of time we are spending together at home, it can be hard to juggle it all. Healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, and healthy cleaning. To take the stress out of natural cleaning, we have compiled our favorite tips, hacks, and healthy home cleaners to ensure your home is fresh and inviting. Keeping it gentle on you and our planet.  


Kitchen shine

Kitchens can be a busy place! The heart of our homes, the place for snacks, meals, and more snacks. If your home contains little (or maybe big!) sticky fingers or mucky paws, cleaning can feel endless. By following our easy tips, this daily chore may be made a bit easier.

1. Declutter and organize.

Keep only the necessary items out, freeing up precious countertop space. Prioritize and organize your cupboard and drawer space, keeping frequent use items handy. Not only is it easier to work in a clutter-free kitchen, but cleaning also becomes a breeze.

2. Countertop shine.

Often a quick wipe with a cloth and some water can dispose of light crumbs and mess. (Adding a few drops of essential oil can freshen your kitchen and mind!) For tougher stains or a deeper clean, choosing a plant-based cleaning alternative can do the job. Natural, gentle on skin yet powerful on stains, our eco-friendly, multipurpose cleaner can refresh your kitchen countertops in seconds.

3. Toxin-free sink cleanse.

A smelly sink can be pretty unappetizing. To avoid a run-in with harmful chemical-laden solutions, try this easy home remedy.
Place ½ cup of citric acid with 1 cup of baking soda in an airtight glass jar and mix.
Add 10-15 drops of essential oils -mint or lemon work a treat!
Sprinkle 1-2 Tbs down your drain.
Leave for up to a minute, then rinse with cool water.



We walk on them, sit on them, play on them, crawl on them-yep, floors. Floors are often hit hard and put up with a lot! One minute they are sparkling clean the next minute, they are overflowing with toys, paw prints, and spills. With so much activity and so much time in contact with our floors, it is a natural desire to keep them healthy, fresh, and clean. We have compiled our top tips to keep your floors pristine with no toxin’s insight.


1. Take off footwear

Removing footwear prevents the spread of bacteria and dirt within your home. Offering slippers to family and visitors can be a gentle way of encouraging this.

2. Spot clean

Don’t let the crumbs lie, clean up spills and messes immediately it will take less energy in the long run. If you don’t have the time or energy to do a full vacuum or floor wash, tackle heavy traffic areas, like the eating area or the bathroom floor.

3. Natural deep clean

For a thorough floor clean, we love our concentrated floor cleaner. This 100% natural home cleaner is a healthy alternative to heavily perfumed, commercial cleaners. Easy to use, you mix, squirt, and mop.
Do your rugs or carpets need deodorizing? Ditch those nasty fragranced chemicals and reach for baking soda. This cupboard staple naturally absorbs odors making it the perfect healthy home cleaner. Sprinkle onto rugs or carpets, leave for a few hours, or overnight and vacuum off. To add extra freshness, place the baking soda in a glass jar, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and mix before sprinkling.



We may all dream of an immaculate bathroom, every surface sparkling, tiles spotless. But the reality is often towels on the floor, soap scum, and the lid left lying off the toothpaste. It might be hard to let go of toxic cleaners in this room. To guide you in your natural cleaning journey, we have picked our favorite tips for having a clean bathroom using healthy home cleaners and teamwork.


1. Share the load

Often one person gets dumped with most of the chores. If this happens in your home, it may be time to share the load. The bathroom can be the best place to start. Gentle reminders to pick up towels and tidy up after using the bathroom can encourage teamwork.

2. Crystal clear reflections

 The frustration of wiping and polishing windows, mirrors, and glass yet, they are still smudged? We understand! That is why we developed our Natural glass cleaner. An anti-bacterial, plant-based formula that is safe to use around children and pets. Giving you pure, sparkling reflections every time.

3. Smelling of roses

Although rose may not be your fragrance of choice, we all want our bathrooms to have a fresh aroma. Air fresheners can contain a lethal cocktail of harmful chemicals. We opt to harness nature’s scent, a healthy and natural alternative. Opening windows allows fresh air to circulate. Making a reed diffuser with essential oils, or keeping a bottle of our Multipurpose Odor remover handy can ensure your bathroom will smell refreshed and clean. 


by Esther Putnikovic

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