Customer Values Driving Product Trends in 2020

I am so excited to release my first newsletter. I have wanted to do this for a while, and here we are!

I was at the Natural Products Expo East this fall, and I wanted to share an exciting trend about where the industry of products it’s going this new year. Hopefully will help you to make the right decisions about what new products to bring into your store in 2020.

I have noticed that most trade shows I attended this year are not busy, and in fact, many admit that attendance is declining. However, this wasn't the case with the Natural Product Expo East. The place was packed with people, and the level of activity was overwhelming. Looking at the data, I realized that it makes the most sense. Statistics show consumers wanting to buy products from smaller companies that are involved in creating healthier products, do good, and have a social agenda. Therefore there is an upward trend of customers looking for craft and artisanal products. They want to buy from startups and emerging companies that care about creating healthy products.

Surprisingly data shows that this trend is catching with all generations.

One of the reasons people are looking for alternatives to big brands and commercial products is because they do not trust the processes of manufacturing, use of ingredients, and use of chemicals. Therefore consumers are looking for innovative and alternatives.

I hope you find this interesting. Please write to me and tell me about your insights. 



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