Clean the oven with Soapbark Extract without breathing fumes or damaging your skin

clean the oven with natural soapbark with no fumes or gloves


The base ingredient for CleanClean concentrated cleaners is Soapbark extract or Quillaja Saponaria. Soapbark is a natural saponin that comes from the bark of the Quillaja tree. It is an excellent cleaner and degreaser while at the same time is gentle on the skin and non-damaging.

Sally, one of our team members, while making lunch, dropped half of her Lasagna on her oven when she was putting it in. All the cheese and sauce got completely stack on the oven door after baking the other half. She poured two teaspoons of concentrated soapbark extract on the door, and quickly the Soapbark took it all off. Click the video to see what happens. 

She used her regular dish sponge and no gloves; that's how good Soapbark is for cleaning and how gentle it is on the skin. Needless to say that using Soapbark Extract to clean your oven also means no fumes, no harsh chemicals, and no offensive odors.

Enjoy cleaning the oven with no offensive fumes and toxic ingredients.



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