Using Soapbark in baby clothes as a stain remover

using Soapbark extract as clothes stain remover clean clean me
Last week, my twenty-month-old had a diaper accident. My son was playing in the patio with a little friend; he was having so much fun. Suddenly I realized that oops, I had to change his diaper ASAP! Poop leaked all over his jeans because the diaper opened up on one side and couldn't retain what it had to... you can imagine, that was gross.

When I changed it, I looked at his pants, and they were utterly soiled. At that moment, I thought, should I wash it or throw it away. They were nice, new and expensive trousers. So I decided to try to save them with Soapbark Extract.

I turned on the faucet and rinsed it as much as I could, removing all the dirt and left it soaking in water with a tablespoon of soapbark extract for about an hour. When I came back, it was completely unstained, and the smell disappeared. Finally, I added it to my regular clothes load. It was as if nothing had happened.
I recommend Soapbark 100% as a stain remover for baby clothes. 
Thank you, CleanClean, for saving our beautiful pants.
Sally Shats

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