Are your eco-friendly cleaners all-natural? 

not all eco-friendly home cleaning products healthy for you. see what you can do to choose eco-friendly home cleaners that are good for your health.



Not all eco-friendly cleaners are good for your health. The fact that they are eco-friendly doesn’t mean that they are healthy for you and your pets. Cleaners are made with synthetic chemicals, including most eco-friendly cleaners. The residue of cleaners is everywhere you touch; therefore, it's essential to think about what ingredients are in it and if they are harmful to humans and animals.

It's impossible to find and understand chemical names that comprise our home cleaners, even when they are eco-friendly. Unfortunately natural, plant-based home cleaning products have ingredients with names that we rarely hear or know what they are. For Example, as one of our ingredients, we use in all of our cleaners Soapbark extract. The official name is Quillaja Saponaria. Soapbark is an entirely natural extract used as natural detergent to effectively clean homes for centuries. We are reviving a natural soap used by native south americans and using it in eco-friendly modern home cleaners. 

Here are two tips about how to easily recognize eco-friendly home cleaners that use synthetic ingredients that can be harmful for humans and animals. Two significant components to avoid in your home cleaners without knowing about chemicals are fragrance and preservatives. It will help you upgrade your healthy and clean lifestyle. 

Fragrance: The vast majority of eco-friendly cleaners have synthetic fragrances. Unfortunately, synthetic perfumes are not well regulated and have carcinogens. You could be using a home cleaner that is eco-friendly but won't necessarily be healthy for you in the long run. Pick cleaners that use natural scent and essential oils. 

Synthetic Preservatives: all products have preservatives, including our food. On the one hand, it keeps us safe from the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi that can make us sick. On the other hand, preservatives can cause all kinds of health problems like asthma. A major reason why home cleaning manufacturers add synthetic preservatives is for the products not to spoil and keep on the shelve for a very long time. 

At CleanClean we avoid synthetic preservatives by providing you with the pure concentrate home cleaning solution; in other words, the formula. We separate the active ingredients from the water. This way, we can use natural preservatives. The downside of this system is that it won't last you for years on the shelf without spoiling, but who wants that. That's precisely how we got to a situation where we use synthetic preservatives that are bad for our health and wildlife in the first place. I think of it as, who would want to eat a cup of yogurt that lasts forever. 

We are proud to say that at CleanClean we are doing our best to strive towards all-natural cleaning products that are good for us and the environment. 

Amelia Glickman 





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