Are Plant-Based Cleaning Products Effective?

New, environmentally friendly, and natural cleaning products are being manufactured and distributed throughout the nation. The most sustainable and safest are plant-based cleaners. Today we’re going to talk all about plant-based cleaners, how efficient and safe they are, and why you should go plant-based with your cleaning products.


What’s the difference between chemical and plant-based cleaners?

Cleaners mostly contain surfactants and detergents used to remove dirt and eliminate bacteria. Many may think the more chemicals in a cleaner, the more effective it will be to remove dirt and kill bacteria, but that’s not the case. Strong chemicals can compromise surfaces, cause irritations and allergies, and affect the environment, doing more harm than good, when a plant-based cleaner can do the same job with your health and the planet in mind.


How are Plant-based Cleaners Effective?

Plants have all sorts of natural substances that allow them to thrive in all kinds of environments and protect themselves from diseases, pests, bacteria, and viruses. Using plant derivatives helps guarantee a safe-yet-effective method of maintaining your household without compromising your family or the planet’s health, as they naturally biodegrade and they do not contain harsh chemicals. 


Cleanclean’s Effective Plant-based Cleaners

CleanClean uses non-toxic ingredients derived solely from plants to deliver a safe cleaning experience that is efficient and healthy. Here are some of the ingredients used in our effective plant-based cleaners along with their properties:


A super cleanser, and a primary ingredient in our products. Soapbark is a great detergent that has been used for centuries in South America. It has a balanced pH and foaming properties and is antibacterial, can be used to clean all surfaces effectively without irritating the skin or compromising the environment. You can read more about Soapbark on our page.

Grain Ethanol:

A common food-grade astringent that targets germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, rendering them ineffective without leaving a trace or residue.  

Coconut derivatives (Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate and Decyl Glucoside):

 Gentle surfactants that are suitable for sensitive skin yet have great detergence and foaming abilities. Used as cleaning boosters in our products to provide maximum efficiency without damaging the skin or surfaces.

Essential oils:

Essential oils can carry a vital part in plant-based cleaners, as they can add antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal traits to plant-based cleaners. Many essential oils have aromatherapeutic qualities and can help alleviate stress and enhance your mood.

Essential oils like clary sage, mandarin, and basil have antibacterial and/or antiviral properties that can help maintain your house’s cleanliness.

Why get Plant-based cleaners? 

  • You can ensure your family and pets' safety by removing the use of toxins and chemical irritants and creating a clean and healthy home.
  • When disposing of our plant-based cleaners, they will biodegrade back into nature without compromising the environment or poisoning creatures.
  • By using our concentrated cleaners, you can save up to 90% of the plastic usually used with generic cleaners.


Where are our cleaning ingredients from?

All our ingredients are derived from nature, creating a sustainable cycle with minimal waste; they are ethically sourced from plants that are a renewable resource, keeping the planet in mind.


How Safe Are Plant-based ingredients?

We make plant-based cleaners using food-grade ingredients approved by the FDA. For example, Soapbark is a foaming agent in beverages. Grain Ethanol and essential oils are in foods and drinks, and Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate and Decyl Glucoside are in skincare and cosmetic products.


Results of using our plant-based cleaners

  • The oceans: A 2002 study conducted by the United States Geological Survey found persistent detergent traces in 69% of streams sampled across the United States of America, and 66% contained disinfectants. By using our concentrated plant-based cleaners, you are eliminating the dangers of disposing of chemicals in the environment. 
  • Households, Schools, Gyms, indoors and outdoors: Our products contain no chemical irritants, allowing you to safely clean and maintain establishments without compromising the health of people, children, and pets.

Plant-based house cleaners are effective and beneficial. CleanClean cleaners are carefully curated to provide you with a safe and effective house cleaning, and you can rest assured knowing your household will be clean without the hassle of unnecessary and harmful chemicals.




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