Adventures Of A Mom In Lockdown Cleaning The Floor


I am a mom with a toddler at home locked up like many other moms in the world by the Covid-19 pandemic. I am working hard from home at the same time; I am taking care of my wonderful boy, doing home duties, hard times for everybody.
Today, while I was working, my little one made a prank by throwing a box of chocolate milk that broke all on the floor. The milk came out everywhere, under the furniture, under the closet, and on the laminated floor. Oh, my God !!!! I am not fond of housework, and I have very little time.

Meanwhile, my little boy looked at me with an innocent smile, thinking it was a game and helped me clean it up with a paper towel. I couldn't get angry with that smile, so I filled the bucket with CleanClean Floor cleaner and water and quickly cleaned the floor. It was clean again, and it immediately removed all the smell of chocolate milk.
We created CleanClean detergents because they are kid-safe and simplify housework (that I, really don't like). They are superconcentrated so that I can store it in my small apartment in the city, and it's easy to keep up high out of reach.

Try it :-)

Sally Shats


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