A personal note from CleanClean's CEO

Hi everyone,

In light of recent events, I would like to share my personal experiences to support the back community. For years I have been volunteering as a mentor at FIL - a non-profit to help and support entrepreneurship within the black community in Boston.

I didn't truly understand any of the injustices my black friends suffer before working at FIL. I thought that as a Jew, I know racism. I mentioned that to one of my friends in a conversation on this subject. She looked at me and answered: "You don't understand, as a jew, you can blend in, as a black, I will never be able to change the color of my face." This sentence deeply moved me and helped me understand how privileged and ignorant I was at the same time.

I am excited we reached the tipping point where people are demanding to stop racism. It's way overdue. At the end of this year, 1% of CleanClean's profits will go to support black entrepreneurs.

Amelia Glickman 

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