A Beginner’s Guide to Vegan and All Natural Cleaning Products

What are Vegan and All Natural Cleaning Products?

A product labeled vegan means that it doesn’t include any animal ingredients. An all natural cleaning product is one that contains at least 95% ingredients coming from natural sources. The ingredients can not have any suspected human health risks or be made through a process that may alter the natural ingredients. 

Natural Cleaning Products

Taking Stock

The first thing that you need to do when preparing to go vegan and all natural with your cleaning products is to familiarize yourself with ingredients that are commonly problematic and see what cleaning products you already use have those ingredients. 

While a lot of ingredients are obvious to avoid, there are some that you may not consider at first. You should avoid products that contain bleach, beeswax, glycerin, latex, lanolin, and wool. Once you know which products in your home are not vegan and all natural, then you can decide what to do with them. 

Some people choose to use the products until they are gone and then replace them with preferred products. Others choose to donate them to a person or an organization that needs them. You can also choose to dispose of them without giving them to someone else. 

Important Tips for Switching to Vegan and All Natural Cleaning Products

  • Don’t be fooled - It can be easy to fall prey to advertising and packaging that makes it seem like products are vegan and all natural when they are not. The only way to be sure that they are vegan and all natural is to read the ingredient list and understand what the ingredients mean. 

  • Cruelty-free options - You may also want to consider going cruelty-free as well. You can check a company’s standing with Leaping Bunny or Choose Cruelty-Free to see if the things they make are vegan and all natural cleaning products. 

  • Relax - It is not completely on your shoulders to change the entire world in one day. It is okay for you to take some time and transition slowly. As with any lifestyle change, you are not always going to be perfect. Sometimes you may be in a tight spot and not have other options. Sometimes you may accidentally buy a product that isn’t vegan and all natural. You shouldn't beat yourself up about these things. All you can be expected to do is the best you can at any given time. Making more ethical choices is a process and not a flip to switch, so give yourself space to grow. 

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