5 Ways to Make the Change to Eco-Friendly Cleaning in 2021

Climate change is affecting the world at an alarming rate. Greenhouse gases are impacting glaciers and oceans and everything in between. 

Increased gas emissions from fossil fuels, deforestation, and poor waste management are a few things that negatively affect climate change.

Are you wondering what you can do to help take care of the earth? Sustainable and eco-friendly living can start with the simplest of things. Eco-friendly cleaning is a great way to live more consciously.

Keep reading for 5 easy ways to start eco-friendly cleaning.

1. Drying Clothes

While your washer and dryer are convenient, they also need a lot of energy to run. The average dryer uses 2790 energy watts per hour. 

Not only is the usage affecting the environment, but it is also affecting your energy bill. To help save the earth and your wallet, try drying clothes on a clothesline outdoors. 

On rainy or cold days, you can still make a small change in your drying routine. Opt for reusable dryer balls instead of single-use dryer sheets. They cut down on drying time and reduce your waste.

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

One of the most frequent uses of chemicals in your home is with household cleaners. You are still able to get a deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals in glass, floor, and multipurpose cleaners.

Opt for products with natural ingredients. Our CleanClean formulas use natural fragrances and chemical-free ingredients. With 90% less plastic, our products also reduce plastic waste that ends up in landfills.

Dish soap and laundry detergent also contain harsh chemicals. Make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products with no synthetic ingredients.

3. Make Your Own Air Fresheners

Did you know that air fresheners emit over 100 different chemicals? Even store-bought air fresheners that claim to be sustainable can still emit harmful chemicals. 

An easy and fun way to fix this issue is to make your own air freshener. You can make your own room spray with essential oils.   

Fill a spray bottle with one-half to one cup of water. Then add 8 drops each of different essential oils. Orange, sandalwood, and clove make a great combination. Lavender and lemon also smell great together. 

4. Re-think Tough Stains

Deep cleaning the oven, brightening white fabric, and removing caked-on dish stains all traditionally require intense chemicals.

The good news is there are ways to remove tough stains without being tough on the environment. 

A paste made from baking soda and water can lift tough oven stains. Stained casserole dishes can be cleaned with sodium percarbonate and boiling water.

5. Reduce Plastic

Start considering all the ways you use plastic in your daily life. You might be surprised at how much you use. There are many products that help reduce your single-use plastic consumption. 

For cleaning your hair and skin, opt for shampoo bars and soap bars. You won't be buying plastic bottles with shampoo or body wash every few months. 

Try a reusable straw. You can even bring it along to restaurants and coffee shops. 

Start Eco-Friendly Cleaning Today

Eco-friendly cleaning is a great way to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Sustainable living protects the earth, your health, and your wallet. 

CleanClean is committed to helping you on your eco-friendly cleaning journey. Find a store near you or order online today. 

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